Featuring Julia Fuchs at Storm, London.
Photography by Lauretta Suter.
Styling by Viola Galassi.
Hair by Liv Holst using Kevin.Murphy.
Make-up by Sasha O’Neill using Bobbi Brown.
Stylist assistance by Rosario Rodriguez and Swetlana Brik.

Spread 1: Left: Plastic t-shirt by James Hock. Right: Sweatshirt by Mai-­Gidah.
Spread 2: Left: Top and trousers by Min Kim. Right: Perspex palm finger piece by Maria Piana.
Spread 3: Top by Yuanxi Sun. Skirt by Urban Logo88 by Eun. Shoes customized by Yuanxi Sun.
Spread 4: Left: Top by Min Wu. Shorts by Mai-­Gidah. Shoes customized by Yuanxi Sun.
Right: Collar by Patrick Ian Hartley. Jacket by Yuanxi Sun.