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Andrew Garratt is a men’s booker at Select Model Management in London, whose roster of stars include top models David Gandy, Werner Schreyer and Adam Senn.


How did you get started in the modeling industry?

I previously worked at Burberry co-producing all the photographic content. A substantial part of the job which I loved was seeing models from all the British agencies and presenting to the powers that be. I pretty much already knew everyone at Select from speaking on a weekly basis, which made the transition easier when the time came to move on.

What are the skills a booker must possess to be successful?

The biggest skill is talking. You have to be able to talk to your models and get to know them and build a relationship. In effect you’re working for them so a lot of trust is involved. You are also constantly speaking, sending emails, on the phone - you have to able to multi-task which as a man I’m not so good at.

What are the best and worst things about being a booker?

The best thing about being a booker is seeing the guys develop and becoming stronger models, and obviously speaking to some of the biggest fashion clients in the world. It’s really rewarding to see the final outcome of a shoot having spent a lot of time promoting the model. The worst thing is being on call 24/7. Even though you may be in bed on sunday morning you still have to take the call.

Can you predict if a new face is going to do well or is it more about connections?

You 100% know when you’re working with a potential star. Obviously you know which photographer/stylist would love to work with that particular look. From there it’s just about steering the models career in the right direction, which Select’s agents do very well. A big part of a new face doing well is their personality. Clients want to work with interesting people who can chat between shots and have some kind of banter. If you’re going to be a mute wall flower then you’re going to get overshadowed by the next guy who has a story to tell.

Photos by Andrew Garratt at Select offices, Mortimer Street in London.