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Frank is a London based stylist, fashion editor
of Winq magazine, and publisher of The Most Beautiful Man In The World magazine. His celebrity clients include Kylie, Pet Shop Boys
and Britney.

What led you into fashion industry?

Growing up - to my parents dismay - I always wanted to be a dancer. When I decided to do an art foundation course after A-levels, I fell in love with fashion and my parents fell over themselves in support! Living in Blackpool pre-blogs and internet and social media, my access to fashion was focused on magazines, which I obsessed over and collected. A seemingly glamorous world I wanted to be a part of. Through my early dance days, I maintained an interest in performance, which led me into my first job after graduating in menswear design from St Martins, working for William Baker on Kylie’s costumes.

What is the best part of your job?

My job can be so varied, and much of it doesn’t feel like a job, which are the parts I enjoy the most. Paperwork and accounts (my dad was an accountant) are the least enjoyable parts, along with being freelance and finding it hard to plan ahead! Any positive response to anything I do brings me joy. I love getting an email telling me where I need to send a copy of The Most Beautiful Man In The World when someone purchases a copy. It’s so thrilling to see someones name and address, somewhere in the world, where word of my paper has reached them, and has piqued their interest enough for them to order a copy.

Who was your first male crush?

I had so many its hard to single one out, and they aren’t particularly obscure. The Face from the A-Team I had a crush on, but didn’t everyone? And I used to love Cobra from Gladiators, on the rings doing ‘hang tough’ in his lycra singlet. Saturday night TV gold. There were also two brothers in my cubs group, I had a crush on them both. They were very good at climbing the ropes. 

What led you to create The most beautiful man in the world mag? 

I had styled two series of X Factor, with a hierarchy of people calling the shots, I wanted to break out and do something on my own. I had the idea years ago, and working at Attitude, I had seen first hand the reaction images of beautiful men had on gay men, and straight women. I wanted to create something unique for that uncatered market.

What are the components of a beautiful man?

We will never find the most beautiful man in the world, as no two viewpoints would ever be the same and opinions change. That’s why our magazine title is ridiculous and fun. But for me, it can simply be a twinkle in someone’s eye or their upbeat personality. Sometimes a body can be intoxicating, other times a turn off. Intelligence and talent can raise a man’s beauty stakes, and over the top grooming and maintenance can do the opposite. I personally love a good strong back of the neck!

Image: A scarf from Franks new collection of accessories at See more at here.