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A native of Liverpool, Matthew Bell won the Elite Model Look UK in 2011, going on to land campaigns such as McQ and feature in editorials for Hero, Love, and Numéro Homme.


How did you start in modelling and what perceptions did you have of the fashion industry before you began? 

I was scouted in Liverpool in Topman where I used to work part time. My old booker Amelia and women’s booker Martina were in Topman. Good timing. My perceptions prior to were kind of random, I thought you got picked outta nowhere although I didn’t have too much of an opinion.

You have done a lot of the shows. Do you like show season? 

I think fashion week gets bad press from models in general from people I speak to. However, my experience was really good. It’s a time where you wake up at 7am and you get back about 11pm and that’s something I enjoy. You work hard. You get tired. Shit happens.

You recently shot with David Sims, what was it like? 

Shooting with David Sims was eye opening and a completely new experience for me. However, just like in any other job, you want the best and so do they. It was a really enjoyable day and super chilled. 

Most interesting modelling experience to date? 

On a whole I have one word. Japan. That to me was a two and a half month weird dream from the moment I landed to the day I left! The people, the city, the travel, the food were all so unfamiliar an yet I loved it all. Take me back Tokyo.

In your down time, what do you do? 

In my downtime you will find me sleeping or just generally being human. I wish I could say parachuting or something. I’d seem much more interesting! But it does depend where I am of course, if I am somewhere new I find nothing better than to see and experience new things. 

Images: Neil O'Keeffe.