Featuring Tom Coysman and Chris Fleischer from Nevs, Filip Pusec from PRM and Mathan Zabari from Established. Photography by Neil O’Keeffe. Styling by Callum Vincent. Hair by Loui Ferry using Oribe.

Spread 1: Jacket by McQ, eyemask and trousers by Duskline.
Spread 2: Necklace by Lily Kamper. Sweatshirt by Sons Clothing.
Spread 3: Right: Outfit by Gyo Yuni Kimchoe. Left: Mask by Sports Militia by Mr. Cruz, jacket by Bodybound, tee by Duskline and socks stylists own.
Spread 4: Right: Kimono by Duskline, belt by Dan & Shan, jeans by McQ and shoes by Alexander McQueen. Left: Jackets by YSL and Dirk Bikkemberg.
Spread 5: Right: Jeans by Katie Eary, briefs by D. Hedral and handkerchief stylist’s own. Left: Suit by Stefanie Biggel, shoes by Converse.
Spread 6: Right: Top by Stefanie Biggel, shorts by Ada & Nik, boots by Caterpillar and socks by Falke. Left: Shirt by Katie Eary.
Spread 7: Right: Briefs by D. Hedral. and shorts by Bodybound. Left: Vest by Duskline and briefs by D. Hedral
Spread 8: Right: Vintage fur coat. Left: Boiler suit by Duskline and shoes by Caterpillar.
pread 9: Right: Outfit by Dan & Shan. Left: Shirt by Sasha Louise, trousers by Dan & Shan and shoes by Gyo Yuni Kimchoe.