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Milly Simmonds is a star on the rise. Having shot for Burberry and Vogue, we made her our leading lady for Valstrom 3: The Dark Issue.

You didn’t start modelling until you were twenty, why was this?

I wanted to finish school and have grades behind me.

What are the best aspects of the industry, and the worst?

There’s no worst for me. It’s all really inspirational and enjoyable. I love the travelling, it’s so exciting going to places you could never imagine going too. Meeting new people is also always great. It’s definitely a fun job. The only thing I do find difficult is being away from friends and family but you have to remind yourself it’s all for a good reason.

What do you do to stay balanced?

I love to work out. For me it is the most destressing thing. I also love to relax with my friends and family and cook at home with my boyfriend. Horse riding is also one of my favourite hobbies that I find very therapeutic. 

Five things that mean the most to you?

My family, my boyfriend, friends, my job and my home! 

Do you think your Burberry campaign was a turning point? 

Yes it definitely was a turning point for me. To do any big campaign always boosts a models career.

What ambitions do you have, in modeling and outside of it?

I want to fulfil any opportunities that come to me in modelling and work my way up to the very top of the industry. I would love to build a brand around my name if I ever could! It would be amazing to have a cosmetics or lingerie line. I would also love to have some sort of health farm with tepee tents for people to stay in and host yoga and fitness classes. In Cornwall or somewhere where the weather is hot! 

What are you favourite places in the world?

I love New York, LA, London, Greece and my home county Rutland. Helford River in Cornwall has to be the most special place to me.

Image: Milly Simmonds from Elite London. Photography by Neil O’Keeffe. Styling by Fernando Torres. Hair by Choccy at using L’Oreal Paris Elnett, assisted by Niki Black. Makeup by Julie Jacobs at