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Patrick Egbon-Marshall is the head booker at AMCK, a male model agency based in London's Notting Hill. He gives us a glimpse into his life as an agent for the industry's brightest stars.

How did you get your start in the modelling industry?

I kinda fell into it hard. I never really knew anything about the industry as I was working in finance previously. One day at a fashion party I met an agency director from Paris who offered me an internship. I took the chance and moved to Paris with a clear mind and hard working ethic and now here I am as head booker to a top fashion agency in London. This was only 5 years ago.

What are the key assets for a model to possess, besides the look?

Attitude! Be fierce, be fabulous, but most of all be friendly.

What are the most enjoyable and most demanding parts of the job?

I guess I love the process of finding an amazing boy and then working on transforming him into a model. Most of the guys I scout are just regular guys and the next thing you know they are gracing front covers. A shy guy who blossoms into a star is especially amazing. The most demanding is the lifestyle of what we do, which is literally 24/7. 

Can you tell instantly if a new face is going to be a star

There is no doubt on scouting a boy that you have an idea of his potential. You will be assessing the type of clients that will be interested and if you know your clients, 80% of the time you will be right.  Then again, we are also in an industry with no rules. Not everyone gets that shot at the top.

The inclusion of black models in the fashion industry is still limited,
what do you put this down to?

I don't think there is one clear reason. A lot of people don't see this view and feel there are other races still not included in the fashion world and those are the ones we should be fighting for. That said, I do think things are changing. AMCK provided the first black boy to walk for Burberry this season for the mens and womens shows.  I do feel that there a lot of people in power that could ignore the norm and show more courage in working with ethnic models, whether it be in editorials or commercial jobs. 

Fashion weeks are quite intense, how do you manage the process?

AMCK team work. We are a small group but we work hard.

Five things that mean the most to you?

My family, my boyfriend, friends, my job and my home! 

Where in the world is your idea of heaven?

Soho Beach House Miami.

Image: One of AMCK's standout stars, Jourdan Copeland at the Burberry Prorsum show for AW14. Image via