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Originally famous for its Argyl sweater and twinsets, Pringle of Scotland is innovating its style for the modern luxury consumer. Founded nearly 200 years ago, more than 40 years before Burberry, Pringle of Scotland is a quintessential heritage brand. 

Pringle began life making luxury hosiery and underwear when it was founded in 1815 by Sir Robert Pringle. It wasn’t until the 1870’s did Pringle of Scotland develop its offering to include knitwear. While global production grew into the 1900’s, Pringle was being worn by the Duke of Windsor and his fashionable set. Pringle also quietly revolutionized the way the british aristocracy dressed. 

By taking a sporty two piece cardigan and sweater set, usually worn on the golf course and retailored it to create the “twinset”. The brand had its admirers through the fifties and sixties - Grace Kelly and Brigitte Bardot - which helped to place the brand in the luxury sector. In 1967 the company was bought by Dawson International Plc, whose overexpansion plan for the brand had to be halted, causing some stores and franchises to be closed. By the 1980’s Pringle turned its focus on sports and leisurewear, with sponsorship deals in the golfing arena, with Nick Faldo and Colin Montgomerie. By the end of the nineties Pringle had new owners, the Hong Kong based S.C Fang & Sons Company. The family set the brand back on the luxury track. The range was expanded, and more focus was placed on design and reinventing the iconic Pringle elements. The brand now sells its innovative and luxurious knits in stores in London, Milan, New York and Asia.

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Images from top: 1. Tilda Swinton was the campaign girl for three consecutive seasons in 2010-11. This campaign from AW11 was a celebration of Scottish arts and crafts. Shot by the Swiss art photographer Walter Pfeiffer at Glasgow School of Art, designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. 2. The classic Pringle of Scotland twin set in Argyl wool worn by British movie star Anne Crawford. 3. A sexy approach to advertsiing in the last decade.