best of NY: Marc Jacobs aw14

An important collection for Jacobs as it was the first since his departure from Louis Vuitton last season. As usual, Jacobs put in a bunch of mixed messages. Clouds hung from the catwalk space (was this a nod to being under contract to LV for so long?), the clothes were airy and light (this is a winter collection remember?), and the models had a seventies style haircuts with headbands that made them uniform robots (hint of sci-fi?). But the biggest buzz of the show wasn't Jacobs or the clothes, it was the appearance of exclusive Kendall Jenner in a see through top (bottom left). This drove social media into a frenzy for Kardashian fans and non fans, as it was Kendall's proper introduction to model superstardom (its inevitable, we know). So Jacobs succeeded in ending New York Fashion Week with a bang.


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