best of London: Topshop Unique aw14

Every season there are two London shows that garner most of the press attention, Burberry and Topshop Unique. The reason is simple: front row celebrity count. This is achieved through the power of the brands and their enormous budget for shows. Topshop were quite clever in their seating too. Of course owner Sir Philip Green was in attendance with collaborator Kate Moss, but what got the frenzy going was Anna Wintour seated beside Kendall Jenner, sister of Kim Kardashian. Press over the last year has been brimming with stories about Kanye West and Kim's desire to become fashion A-list, but Anna has remained silent on the matter. Either she is planning a truce or let the spat fade, but it's anyones guess. Kendall is now the hot ticket in fashion, having walked exclusively for shows in New York and London, and taken over Love magazine's instagram for the duration of show season. Brands are hoping to tap into Kendalls gigantic Instagram following of 8.7 million followers to shine a light on them. it will be interesting to see what her New York agency The Society has strategised for her in the coming months. As for the Topshop Unique collection: Beautiful and varied enough to get tills ringing come Autumn.


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