H&M open in Australia, finally.

Swedish fast fashion giant H&M is finally wetting its toes in the Australian market this week. Melbourne’s iconic MGPO will become H&M’s Australian flagship store location and one of its biggest in the world, occupying three floors and almost 5000sqm. So what has taken the retailer so long to expand into Australia? The answer is simple: Seasons. H&M operates on a standard spring/summer/autumn/winter schedule, and ranges are designed in accordance with each quarter. But in Australia, the seasons are reversed, so logistics and trends are different. But this shouldn't deter H&M from absolute global coverage. Special capsule collections and fresh design direction will mean Australia will get a H&M experience that the rest of the world won't. H&M opens at MGPO in Melbourne on 5th April at 10am. Expect a stampede.

Image: MGPO Melbourne.