London Fashion Week: Eudon Choi AW13
As a response to last seasons futuristic utopia, Eudon Choi went romantic with a collection that explored Russian folk dressing. It was one of those collections that could’ve easily just been a mere pastiche of Russian folk dressing. Eudon Choi was certainly walking on thin ice in this aspect as the show included a full on string quartet, flower bauska headpieces and slightly oversized printed head scarves. Instead, Eudon Choi elevated the Russian folk references into the realm of high fashion with looks in full leather that referenced the matryoshka doll silhouette. The knitted full skirts allowed for the collection to have a lady-like allure, the light blue look was particularly successful. There was also some truly great outerwear with a masculine edge that Eudon Choi does so well. Which will certainly do great at retail,  a testament of his background in menswear. An unexpected change of direction that proved that Eudon Choi can apply his minimalist and futuristic aesthetic into new uncharted territories. - FT.  @LondonFashionWk