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The man behind blogs, as well as Archi Scene, Male Model Scene and
erbia In, Zarko Davinic, has garnered a huge following from all over the world.

When did you start your first blog and how did you grow it?

I started Design Scene back in April of 2007, looking back I have to thank my readers and contributors for the growth of my sites. Of course there’s also the tremendous help I have now from my co-workers. We are thankfully blessed with talented contributors who unselfishly share their work with us.

How do you think fashion blogs have evolved since you started yours?

In my almost six years online the blogosphere went through numerous changes, I think blogs in our niche have reshaped the way people consume fashion imagery. Now many magazines are eager to share editorials even before their release date. Of course the technology has moved on as well, but five years ago you could hardly find a high quality fashion image online. Today fashion and design blogs have allowed people from around the globe to showcase their work like you could never imagine before. At the moment social media has a huge impact, you simply can’t function online anymore without it. Facebook, twitter and tumblr are now often used as a feed, it will be interesting to see how it will all develop.

What makes you happy about what you do, and what makes you angry?

Discovering new talent and the fact we are able to help their growth is extremely rewarding. Also a chance to be, in a way, a part of the industry is thrilling. However, there are negative sides. Very often web media is disregarded and many labels see us just as free advertising. I guess that can make everyone in this business angry. Another thing is the negative connotation of word blogger, you have to work really hard to prove you are more than just a child with a smart phone to so many people in the industry.

You have thousands of followers around the world, what do you think has made your blogs so popular?

I think the international aspect is very important, we do our best to show the work of young talent from all corners of the world. We are blessed with a strong following and contributors from major design and fashion capitals, but it is sometimes far more exciting to see what’s going on outside the box. 

If you weren’t doing this, what other career would you like to be doing?

Since I’m about to finish my masters in architecture, I guess I would try myself out some more in that field, or perhaps something more design related; I would probably still be in touch with the online world in one way or another.

Image captured in The Workshop Café & Dining Room, located at 27 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1M 5RN.